If you've seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, then you know two of the movie's stars, Tom Holland and Zendaya, have a rather interesting dynamic. They're ~friends~ if you will, since Z's character Michelle — or MJ as she likes to be called — doesn't really have too many friends but at the end of the movie when Peter's crush moves away and MJ becomes the captain of the decathlon team they're both on, it's clear their relationship is for sure going to grow in the sequel. She does give him a bit of a lingering, slightly confused look at the end when he runs off to the bathroom to you know, deal with superhero stuff she has no idea about, so sparks are brewing. They just have this chemistry between them and IRL, Z and Tom are just as close. So close in fact that dating rumors started to swirl these two are more than friends.

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They've been known to roast each other on Twitter and Instagram, proving they have the same type of humor that gives off major BFF vibes. Then, a source supposedly close to the pair came forward and said these two have indeed been secretly dating for quite some time, even saying they have gone on lavish vacations together. The K.C. Undercover starlet saw this on Twitter and made a joke about it all, pretty much saying they never went on any romantic trips of the sort.