We were a little bummed when we found out Shake It Up! was ending, but it looks like the Disney Channel is making it up to us. It was recently announced that Zendaya is sticking around for a new Disney Channel Original Movie — Zapped!

According to TVLine, Zendaya, who will be playing a really talented dancer and straight-A student (not surprised!) who moves to a new high school and isn't having the best time trying to adjust to her new surroundings — especially with a new step-dad, three crazy brothers, and a dog. Somehow, the dog training app on her smart phone starts controlling all the guys around her and everything changes!

Zapped sounds like so much fun and we can't wait to watch it! The movie won't be premiering until 2014, but in the meantime, we can count down the days until Zendaya's debut album releases on September 27th!

Are you excited for this cool new show? Tell us in the comments!

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