While we were hanging out with Zendaya yesterday at the New York Jets game, we had a chance to talk to her about Hollywood's youngest couples and her own love life. It turns out the NFL Juniors Apparel model doesn't pay much attention to celeb relationships, but she definitely doesn't think her best friend Bella Thorne and her boyfriend Tristan Klier are the best match.

"I’m out of the loop on my young Hollywood couples. I really have no idea [who's my favorite] because I have so much to do that I totally don’t have time to read magazines and get updated," she exclusively tells J-14.com.

When we ask her about Bella and Tristan, Zendaya immediately says, "No that’s not [my favorite couple] because I am against anyone who wants to date my sister."

Awww! It looks like Zendaya is territorial over her best friend.

According to the singer, having a boyfriend isn't as important to her as having really good friends.

"Just because you’re allowed to date doesn’t mean you’re going to be like ‘Oh my gosh I need to go find a boyfriend!’ It happens when it happens. For me, I don’t want to rush into anything. I‘d rather have more guy friends than boyfriends," she says.

Do you think it's cute that Zendaya is so protective over Bella? Who do you think should be Z's first boyfriend?

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