There's really nothing more to say about Zendaya other than the fact that she's a literal queen. Everything she does and says is instantly respected and valued. It's pretty cool because not only does she have a voice with Disney Channel and K.C. Undercover fans but she reaches others as well. The world may know who she is as a person today but Zendaya is here to show everyone what she was like when she was younger. The actress literally hates herself and it's hilarious.

Zendaya sat down with her assistant Darnell Appling and looked at all of her old YouTube videos. She was the complete opposite of who she has become. Baby Zendaya is peppy, always smiling, happy, and incredibly charming. Before the old videos even start rolling, she says, "Let me just preface my first YouTube video. When I was younger, I genuinely felt that I had to make a persona that matched Rocky, which is the character that I used to play. This is back when I literally had an entire alter ego, and this s–t is so obnoxious—I can't even believe."

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For those who don't know, Rocky is the character Zendaya played on the show Shake It Up alongside Bella Thorne. As the old videos continue we can't help but notice how cute she was! Disney Channel 100 percent ate this up and how could they not?

Zendaya said, in real time, "Happy smiley faces?' What the f–k? I was trying to make this positive environment and trying to be this f–king ray of sunshine. This is the most annoying s–t I have ever seen in my entire life. And the thing is, at the time I was like, 'Oh, the kids are going to love it. It'll be cool. Whatever,'" she said. "I was with my friend at the time from middle school, and we wrote this whole s–t script down of what I was going to say." LOL!

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Zendaya might be super embarrassed by the persona she created for the world back in the day, but she was clearly doing something right. After all of that smiling and happy faces, she DID land a gig with Disney Channel and of course, the rest is history. She does bring up a really important point with all of this though, the fact that the person in the video wasn't REALLY her. It's almost like how fans think they know their favorite celebrity because they see how they act on television or during interviews. But, clearly, Zendaya is proving the point that putting on a different personality is easier than you think.

Zendaya goes on to say that she was never this peppy and this happy in real life. It was all an act. It's definitely something to take into consideration the next time we think we know someone. Zendaya puts it all out the open and actually exposes her self which is totally a Zendaya move. THIS is part of the reason why we love her so much. She's not afraid to laugh at herself and she's sure as hell not afraid to tell it like it is.

She said of the old videos, "I need to delete these because it's so fake…No wonder people was annoyed with me. Like, 'Oh, she is annoying!' Yes, honey, I was!"

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