If you're a fan of Disney Channel Original Movies (and why wouldn't you be?), then you may need to sit on the ground for a moment. Like, find a really stable place to steady yourself and then read on. Why? Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century could be turned into a television show. There are no promises, but it's a possibility, which is really all you can ask for.

In a new interview, Disney exec Gary Walsh says that there's only one DCOM they've considered turning into a full-fledged television show, and there's still a chance that could happen.

“I want to say it’s one of our great frustrations, but it’s unusual that none of them have ever turned into series. I have no good reason why. Some things just have a life of their own and live in a certain space. The ones that had staying power, from a storytelling perspective, we created sequels and threequels," he told Entertainment Weekly.

Even though they've never done it before, there's still a chance for Zenon. Apparently, it's “the one that’s always under discussion, and has been perennially” considered for TV show possibilities.

The reason? The series takes place in a self-contained universe, and there's a lot of options that could be explored.

“That world can go anywhere. There’s no limit," he continued.

Yes, we agree!

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