This is not a drill: ZOMBIES 3 is out! The Disney+ series is known for its zombies (duh), werewolves and the iconic romance between Zed and Addison. To celebrate the third movie, we thought we’d break down the relationship timeline between our favorite zombie and human couple: Zeddison. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The actor behind Zeddison, Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly, are actually best friends in real life, despite dating rumors constantly circling the two. “I mean I get it, when I watch Zed and Addison, it’s a match made in heaven,” Milo told J-14. “Me and Meg’s relationship has gotten a lot stronger, you know, of course we hit it off in the beginning, but now Meg is one of my best friends.

Meg feels similarly and explained how the pair originally met in an interview with Seventeen in February 2018. “Milo and I instantly became best friends, and we weren’t even paired up together,” she revealed when recalling their ZOMBIES audition. “When we were paired up with different people, the two of us were talking the whole time, so it was kind of funny. But when they eventually paired us up, it was so easy to do the scenes with him, it was really cool.”

In ZOMBIES 3, Zed and Addison run into some problems caused by some inter-galactic outsiders which puts a strain on their relationship. But don’t worry, like Meg told J-14, “Zeddison forever!”

“The family is bigger and better this time around. We have three new amazing people and three new amazing characters in the movie,” Milo gushed to J-14.“I feel like it’s, like, we picked up where we left off. There’s no experience like this. I don’t think anything in my life is gonna top how exciting shooting these movies are. So, it was just a blessing to be back with everybody and especially Meg, shooting with you again.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Zed and Addison’s complete relationship timeline throughout ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES 2 AND ZOMBIES 3.

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