From costars to best friends! Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim met after they were cast as Addison and Zed, respectively, for the Disney Channel Original Movie series ZOMBIES, and they’ve been best friends ever since.

Of course, how can you not become closer than ever when singing an emotional song like “Someday”?

“When we first learned it, we were in a very big open space, which is not the same as how it is in the movie,” Milo told Seventeen in February 2018 about how they choreographed the song, which they sing in the first film. “So, we were unaware of all the things that we were gonna not be able to do and things that we would have to modify.”

However, they figured it out and their chemistry showed on screen.

“Milo and I instantly became best friends, and we weren’t even paired up together,” Meg told Seventeen during the same interview, when recalling their ZOMBIES audition. “When we were paired up with different people, the two of us were talking the whole time, so it was kind of funny. But when they eventually paired us up, it was so easy to do the scenes with him, it was really cool.”

Since that moment, the actors were a dynamic duo and even hung out when they weren’t filming the movie. Now, they’re gearing up to bring back a new version of “Someday” for ZOMBIES 3

“[It was] so emotional,” Meg told People in June 2022 of the song’s new version. “The original ‘Someday’ I sound so young because I was 16. So I have almost a time capsule of how we progress through each year. I filmed my part on the last day of filming so I was crying all day.”

When discussing her favorite moments from the third film, Meg recalled another duet between herself and Milo that has “very similar ‘Someday’ energy,”

The actress gushed, “I love when Zed and Addison are happy and just playing off each other and being goofy and silly. It was so much fun to film, especially with Milo.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Milo and Meg’s sweetest friendship moments over the years. 

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