If you tuned in to any episode of Dancing with the Stars Season 27, then you know one of the breakout celebs competing for the mirrorball trophy was Milo Manheim. The 17-year-old Disney Channel star best known for his lead role in Zombies slayed the stage each week, somehow getting better and better with each dance. He and his partner Witney Carson just kept outdoing themselves! And although they didn’t win the big prize, the experience is something Milo will never forget, which he told us all about when he stopped by the J-14 offices right after he finished dancing the night away. Check out the video above to see Milo dish all about what he learned from his time on DWTS.

“The most memorable moment from last night is just when us four were standing there and it was just complete silence right before Tom [Bergeron] announced who won — because we’re all just in the same boat together. All just nervous — we have no idea what’s going to happen,” Milo told us. “It’s a feeling I’m never going to forget. It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before. It was just like joy and nerves, and it was weird — but I’m not going to forget that moment ever,” he said.

Seriously, that must be like anything else! And of course, he gushed over how great it was to have his close friends, like his Zombies co-star Meg Donnelly, and his mom Camryn Manheim in the audience cheering him on each week.

“I’m probably the most nervous person on the show when it comes to right before the dance, having no idea what’s going to happen. Ugh, I hate thinking about it. But to be able to just look in my corner and seeing Meg, my closest friends, my mom, my family – it’s like instant relief. It’s like no matter what happens, their proud of me. They’re here, you know? I’m just dancing for them,” Milo said.

How sweet is that? Naturally, we just had to ask Milo about his mom’s iconic role on Hannah Montana as Selena Gomez‘s character, Mikayla’s manager. Sel is Milo’s forever celeb crush, so his seven-year-old self was truly living. But you’ll have to watch the vid to see what went down when his mom brought him on set! And what about a possible Zombies 2? Yeah, we asked him all about that too and tbh, it’s safe to say Milo was meant to be a Disney star, that’s for sure. Make sure you watch until the end of the video to see what Milo had to say about that sequel and his future college plans!

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