Get ready Zombies fans: co-stars Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim are working together again. That’s right, your faves from the Disney Channel Original Movie will be side-by-side on your TV screens and we’re already counting down!

It was announced that Milo will be guest-starring on Meg’s show American Housewife playing a character named Pierce, who is the lead actor of the play that Meg’s chracter Taylor is in. He has a total crush on Taylor and is ready to do whatever he has to get her boyfriend out of the way. DRAMA. Oh, and remember when we were all treated to that reunion Meg shared on her Instagram stories? Well, we knew she was on set, but we had no clue then Milo would be appearing on the show. The more you learn.

meg donnelly and milo manheim

Instagram, @megdonnelly

UGH, they really are the best friendship duo ever – no wonder why everyone ships these two! When we caught up with Meg, she exclusively dished to J-14 a little secret about Milo people wouldn’t know!

“He used to be in a circus. That always makes me like – wow. I remember when he first told me that. He’s like an amazing juggler – he did trapeze and stuff,” she spilled. Woah, who would’ve thought?!

Turns out, their friendship was legit instant.

“As soon as I saw Milo, we instantly became best friends. We were paired up with different people but we were talking the entire time,” Meg previously in an interview about her relationship with Milo. “It was so easy to do scenes with Milo because the friendship our characters have in the movie is what was happening in real life – he’s the best.”

And Milo had the sweetest thing to say about her in the interview too.

“She was the happiest person I had ever met in real life. She was like a character out of a movie because she’s constantly smiling. And now she’s one of my best friends,” he spilled.

OUR HEARTS. Going to be so great to see them acting alongside each other again!

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