If you are anything like us over here at J-14, then you are seriously excited to see the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies – unless of course, you're one of the many die-hard Descendants fans who just simply cannot join the fandom quite yet. Either way, it's happening – and you are definitely going to want to get to know the cast. The movie-musical is filled with tons of talented stars who are just impossible not to love, which is why it is a total must that you stay on top of their social media to keep track of what they're up to.

No need to go on a hunt to find all of their handles though. Lucky for you, we have done all the research and gathered the cast member's social media handles on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Although, be warned – it seems as though they all have no Snapchat accounts… or maybe just private ones. Bummer, right?

Now prepare for some seriously premium content because these stars' social media games are truly on point, if we do say so ourselves.

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