The new year is already off to a boy-filled start for Selena Gomez! First, she was serenaded by Justin Bieber on New Year's Eve (See pic below -- he sang "One Less Lonely Girl" to her!), and then just two days later, she was seen in the VIP section of Nick Jonas & The Administration's first concert at the House of Blues in Dallas.

Now we all know that Selena thinks Justin is "cute," as J-14 first reported -- but it looks like Selena and Nick are friends again! Remember, the two went through a really bad break up almost a year ago and barely even talked! Selena told J-14 that going through heartbreak was the "worst feeling in the world."

Could Nick and Selena be rekindling their fling? But what about Selena and Justin? They had a lot of chemistry on stage! Which guy should Selena date?

Photos: Justin: Robert Milazzo; Nick: Courtesy of Disney Channel; Selena and Justin: Courtesy of ABC

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