13 Reasons Why is easily one of the most talked about television shows of the moment. Whether you binged all 13 episodes in one weekend — it's that riveting so we don't blame you for going the binge root — or took your time to fully process all that you saw, or you've been a fan of the book it's based on for years, it's safe to say there is a huge audience out there wanting to know if a second season of the series is actually happening. And it looks like there are some final steps currently being taken to solidify that more episodes will indeed be coming.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Netflix, the streaming site that brought us this show, is nearing a deal that will solidify a season two, with sources confirming to the outlet that a writers' room "has been up and running for a few weeks." This basically means that the masterminds who write the scripts for each episode have been meeting up to most likely discuss story ideas for another season.

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More evidence that the show is continuing comes in the fact that Ross Butler, who plays Zach, will not be returning to The CW series Riverdale for its second season. His character Reggie is going to be recast and this is all because Ross has scheduling conflicts when it comes to filming. Could this conflict have to do with 13 Reasons Why? It seems that could be the case.

And was what does Selena Gomez think about a second season? She's not ruling it out. When she was asked on the blue carpet at We Day California if she would do another season, she answered with a "maybe" that had a bit of a smirk to it, adding more fuel to this season two fire.

selena gomez 13 reasons why season 2

The series — which was executive produced by Selena and her mom Mandy Teefey has been faced with controversy, since it deals with very serious, heavy topics such as suicide and assault and features some pretty graphic scenes, all dealing with teenagers. These are issues that real teens are unfortunately having to deal with in their everyday lives, and the fact that this show is starting conversations was the main goal.

"We wanted to confront the fact that suicide is messy, ugly and it's incredibly painful. There's nothing peaceful or beautiful about it at all. It's horrific to endure and it's horrific for the people that a person who commits suicide leaves behind. We wanted to tell that story truthfully. And as difficult as it is to watch, it should be difficult to watch. If we make it easy to watch, then we're selling goods that we didn't want to sell," the series creator Brian Yorkey said. "What we hope, as good television can do, is that it gets people talking. If they can talk about what happened to Hannah and Jessica and what these kids went through, they can talk about what they're going through in their own lives. That has to happen first before anything can get better."

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The show certainly has plenty of people talking and has a strong presence on social media, so it's safe to say it has touched viewers in all different ways. It will be interesting to see what angle a second season would take since Katherine Langford's character Hannah is not alive and author Jay Asher has never written a sequel to the book. Hannah was essentially the catalyst for the series, and the tapes she sends out in the wake of her death have all been listened to. There are some open endings and other characters that the writers could focus on, but 13 Reasons Why is her story, after all. We have a feeling her character would still play a crucial role in the second season.

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, there are many resources available. Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text Crisis Text Line at 741-741.

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This story was originally published on April 27, 2017.

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