Goosebumps and 13 Reasons Why star Dylan Minnette and his girlfriend Kerris Dorsey are seriously adorable and we love how much fun they have together. Not only known for taking silly selfies, these two aren’t afraid to show their passion for traveling. They have been spotted around the world together and even in the most romantic of cities – Paris, France.

After the outpouring support and success for Dylan’s new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Wh, Kerris put up an adorable Instagram photo of him with the sweetest message about all of his hard work. She wrote, “when i first met @dylan_minnette, he reminded me of clay from the book 13 reasons why. and now he IS clay from the NETFLIX SHOW 13 reasons why. whaaaaat? go watch this beautiful, important, and heartbreaking show RIGHT NOW. prepare yourself and your heart. ❤❤❤???.”

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Aww! We love how she isn’t afraid to give her man a little bit of free promo cause hey, some days we all need to be told how great we are – right?!

Not only was Kerris proud of what the show has done, but Dylan is definitely honored to be part of something that could be so moving. He wrote on social media, “Overwhelmed by the response to 13 Reasons Why. Thanks to everyone who’s been watching and enjoying (and feeling all the feels). I’m more proud of this show, and everyone involved, every day. This is a still from one of my favorite scenes, with @younggoth.
I also feel it very necessary to add that if you or anyone you know needs help, please go to for resources and information. I realize that this is a TV show, and it’s made for entertainment, but I do hope we can also make an impact on your life for the better, once you’re past the binging.”

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With working in the entertainment biz, both of their schedules are pretty hectic. It is easy to miss each other and this couple definitely does when they are apart. How do we know? With all of their affection that is displayed on social media, it’s clear. Fans can easily see that Dylan and Kerris are also besties, which makes the whole relationship thing that much better.

Click through the gallery of Dylan and Kerris’ 15 most precious moments and let us know if you think they are a cute couple!

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