5 Seconds of Summer released 5SOS5 (a.k.a. 5Slay5) on September 23, 2022. Of the 19 tracks on the album, the band released a music video for “Bad Omens” on September 26. Keep reading to uncover the song’s lyrics and meaning.

What Is 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Bad Omens’ About?

The four-member band opened up about the meaning behind “Bad Omens” in a September 2022 interview with Spotify. “One of our favorites in the album. It feels like fall in Australia,” they explained.

“Bad Omens” could also pretty much be named “red flags,” as it is about how some people tend to ignore bad omens, or in other words, the red flags in their partners just because they love them. They tend to have trouble letting go of them for that same reason.

The group explained to Spotify some of the production details behind the song, and how “Bad Omens” filled a spot that was missing in 5SOS5.

Jason Evigan absolutely nailed this production. We recorded the gang vocals at the end of this song together all in the same room, rather than layering it harmony by harmony. ‘Bad Omens’ was recorded towards the end of the album process,” the group revealed.

“A lot of the songs that we made were just on our own, and towards the end it was really fun to be able to fill in the gaps. Like, we need a song with more tempo or whatever it might be, and this song was definitely that. Really satisfying to have something missing on the album, then totally fill that spot. I love how big this gets to the end with the strings, and the rising chord in the chorus is really cool, it’s a beautiful song.”

‘Bad Omens’ Lyrics Explained

“I cried in your dark brown eyes for the thousandth time ’cause you love somebody. I died when you left that night for the thousandth time ’cause you love somebody else,” member Luke Hemmings sings in the chorus. “I tried to stop the door as it was closin’ / It was closin’. Can’t help the way I keep ignorin’ every omen / Every omen. Heaven knows I should let go, It’s nothing that I don’t already know.”

The chorus pretty much nails the meaning behind “Bad Omens,” as the person singing knows that their partner loves somebody else, but they can’t seem to let them go. “I should’ve seen it comin’ / Every time we say goodbye, I say, hello again.”

The beginning of the music video starts with the aftermath of a car crash. As time starts to reverse, it reveals that the crash was caused by the couple inside who were fighting, as a red fabric covers the exterior of the vehicle. The red fabric is most likely a metaphor of a very large red flag that the couple ignores until they *literally* crash and burn.

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