It’s finally here! 5 Seconds of Summer released their highly anticipated fifth studio album, 5SOS5, on Friday, September 23.

“Thank you all for an incredible day. We are so happy to say: 5SOS5 is here. It’s yours,” the band, comprised of Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford, shared on the group’s Instagram account to celebrate the record’s release. They also took over London’s Royal Albert Hall for a special concert and global livestream titled The Feeling of Falling Upwards, in which they sang a combination of new and old songs while “accompanied by an orchestra and choir.”

“To celebrate the release of our 5th studio album, 5SOS5 we really wanted to do something that could involve all our fans around the world. That’s where the idea for our global livestream was born,” the group shared via social media last month. “This will be a show like nothing we have ever done before and what’s so special is we actually busked just outside the Royal Albert Hall back in 2013 to a few ‘day one’ fans! To now play a show there, at one of the most iconic venues in the world is a really unique moment and one we felt was the perfect way to commemorate the new album.”

With 19 meaningful tracks, 5SOS5 is the Australian band’s longest album yet. It seems like it also might be their most heartfelt.

Ashton, for one, has shared multiple behind-the-scenes photos via Instagram from the album-making process along with his thoughts on the record.

“Can’t believe the moment has arrived. We’re all over today talking to many, and enjoying talkin’ bout this 5th record process. A caffeinated cheers to you and an energy hug through the screen,” he shared in one post.

A second Instagram caption was a tribute to the deep bond the drummer has made with his fellow bandmates.

“Many things will happen in my life. But experiencing a musical bond that goes so much deeper than just making music is one of the things that have been worth living for in my journey,” he shared. “I can’t believe the strength, perseverance, guidance, differences, challenges, we have overcome and become better people together all in the name of going beyond where we ever dreamt we could. Thank you @5sos, I am proud to be apart of our shared artistic journey! cheers to 5SOS5, it’s our best one yet.”

Scroll through our gallery for a complete breakdown of the song lyrics. 

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