It’s no secret that 5 Seconds of Summer has some of the most epic ink, ever. Between the four members — Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford — the band has over 30 tattoos. Some of the boys started to get their tats before they were even 18 years old and others waited until 2019 to get their first one.

In fact, a few of the band members even got inked up with One Direction singer Liam Payne. “Liam paid for their first tattoos and they won’t stop talking about it,” Ashton joked during an interview with BBC Radio 1 in March 2018.

“We get to the tattoo shop, we get tattoos done, and he gets one done, and he had already left by the time we came out, and he paid for it,” Michael further explained. Calum chimed in, “Thank lord, since we had no money.”

Over the years, fans of the Australian boyband have become obsessed with the boys’ intricate body art and some of their biggest followers have even gotten ink to match their favorite member! But what do they all mean? Well, some have a pretty meaningful story while others are purely for art purposes. A bunch of the guys even have tattoos for their family members — aw!

Calum, for one, has a bird with his sister’s name under it. “She’s my best friend, and no one else gets me like she does. I go to her for everything,” he told Seventeen in 2014. “I also have a tattoo of my parents’ initials, so they’re always with me. It brings me good luck. Family is everything.”

While his bandmates had tons of ink designs years before him, Luke was actually the last member to get tatted up, now he has a few himself! Get ready 5SOS fans because J-14 went ahead and broke down all of Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael’s tattoos, and there may be some that you never even knew about! Scroll through our gallery to see all of 5 Seconds of Summer’s tattoos and their meanings.

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