All the members of One Direction have made headlines for their tattoos. But Louis Tomlinson might just be the king with more than 30 ink designs. From the giant “It is what it is” tattoo sprawled across his chest to the small, intricate designs that he’s got inked all over his arms, fans know everything about them.

“My life went a different way, and the first tattoo that I got, and I thought it was going to be the only one,” he told GQ in December 2019, referring to the screw inked on his ankle which he also revealed was a matching design with the other One Direction boys. Of course, they’ve all gotten more since then!


“We decided — well most of us actually except for Niall [Horan] — as a band to get these little ones on our ankle,” he explained in a January 2018 interview. “And then I suppose I just started getting addicted.”

Over the years, the Walls musician has opened up about being tattooed and admitted that some of them are just random designs he liked.

“To be honest, not many of them actually have any meaning,” he told Teen Vogue in August 2013. “I just like to look at them. I started with a silly stick man. And then I like skateboarding, so that’s why I got that one. This is for the world tour. This ‘Oops’ is because I didn’t like this line here, so I was like, ‘Oops!’ I love tea, and that’s a compass pointing to home.”

The “Back To You” crooner’s has tons of tattoos on his arms, and some of them are pretty meaningful. When it comes to the future, though, Louis did say he has plans for more tattoos — including one dedicated to his debut record.

“I did think I’m gonna get the title at some point, I’m gonna get Walls. I went through a stage with no new tattoos,” he said during a 2020 interview. “I should probably get one for the album.”

Scroll through our gallery to see photos of Louis’ tattoos and what they mean.

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