If there’s one thing fans love more than seeing the One Direction guys all together, it’s seeing their bromances shine. Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan’s has definitely been a highlight for fans, as the two constantly reunite whether it be at a wedding or trolling one another on social media about their rap capabilities.

Seriously, Nouis has been shining since the hiatus, and if anything one could describe the “Back to You” singer’s support of Nialler’s solo career as heartwarming. As much love as there has been between the guys, it’s also been a little weird for Tommo to see his bro — specifically the “Slow Hands” singer on stage by himself, without any of the 1D boys backing him up.

When answering a fan question about the guy’s solo careers in a new interview, Louis admitted that it was weird seeing not being on stage with his bud. He said, “It was surreal for me to go, I went to go watch one of Niall’s concert shows and that was actually more surreal for me to see him on stage and perform. ‘Cause I’ve only ever seen him perform when he’s stood next to me, pretty much. So it definitely is surreal but it is amazing to go and have that experience cause we didn’t before. It’s nice to go and cheer him on from the sidelines as well.”

Okay, that seriously calls for an “aww” moment, because aside from it being totally sweet — it’s obvious there’s nothing but love between the boys. Further proving that they’re all just one big family, and feel like proud brothers watching one another shine on their own. That’s something Directioners definitely needed to hear, as the hiatus everyone is waiting for seems to be slowly slipping further and further away. Though we’re definitely not giving up hope, and neither is anyone else. That’s for sure.

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