You guys may not believe this, but Demi Lovato has over 20 tattoos! Yep, the “Tell Me You Love Me” songstress got her first one when she was only 16 years old, and since then she’s slowly accumulated them all over her body. They cover her arms, rib cage, feet and hands — and they’ve definitely become a huge part of her!

But what do they all mean, you ask? Do they each have a super symbolic meaning behind them or are some just silly and random? Well guys, we decided to do some investigating, and you might want to grab your tissues because it turns out, there are some pretty emotional stories behind some of them.

The singer has a ton which are tributes to her family, and she even has one ink design that’s dedicated to her biological father, Patrick Lovato, who died of cancer in 2013. Demi also has a few pieces of body art to commemorate her past struggles, and they’re seriously so inspiring.

We went ahead and made you a complete guide to all of her tattoos and their meanings, so get ready to learn a lot about the former Camp Rock star. Scroll through our gallery to check out all of Demi’s ink designs and find out what each of them symoblizes.

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