When it comes to tattoos, Demi Lovato is covered! Throughout their time in the spotlight, the singer has racked up over 20 ink designs.

They got their first tattoo when they were 16 years old, and since then, slowly accumulated them all over her body. While chatting with iHeartRadio in 2014, Demi admitted that they had lost count of the amount of tattoos they had racked up over the years.

“Do you count the ‘Stay’ and ‘Strong’? Do you count the individual birds?” she questioned, noting that there are “a lot” of tats. “It could be 10. It could be 26! I have a very, very high pain tolerance.”

When it comes to the meanings behind some of Demi’s tattoos, the “Tell Me You Love Me” musician has shared that some are dedicated to their past struggles. In fact, tattoo artist Daniel Winter spoke with Inked magazine in January 2019 about Demi’s rose tattoo, which is located on their finger.

“Demi contacted me through Instagram. We talked about what [they] wanted and went from there,” he explained at the time. “Demi talked to me for a little about what [they] wanted. A rose came to [their] mind, and asked me to draw [them] a unique fine-line tattoo. So, the single-stemmed rose was it!”

Aside from the ink designs paying tribute to themself, Demi also has a few dedicated to friends and family members who have died. Even their late dog, Buddy, has his own tribute on their foot.

“I will love you forever and never forget you,” the Disney Channel alum shared via Instagram when showing off that particular ink design. Since then, Demi has stayed mum about the various meanings behind her newer tattoos, but they’ve still shared images of each one.

In 2020, they showed off a giant butterfly on their neck. More than a year later, in August 2021 — just after their 28th birthday celebration — they added a tattoo on their right hand. “Love Will Live Forever in the Infinite Universe,” the ink reads. According to E! News, this is a song lyric from the band Infinite Universe’s track “Beautiful Chorus.”

We went ahead and made you a complete guide to all of Demi’s tattoos and their meanings, so get ready to learn a lot about the former Camp Rock star. Scroll through our gallery to check out all of Demi’s ink designs and find out what each of them symbolizes.

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