Prepare yourselves, Disney Channel fans, because a live-action series called Fast Layne will premiere on the network next month and it’ll star your new favorite Disney crush Brandon Rossel. Brandon will play the role of Cody, who, if you couldn’t already guess, is the cutie at school. However, he’s just as adorable off-screen as he’s sure to be in the show, and if you’re looking for a new celeb crush, he just might fit the bill.

Not so fast! Before you go hanging up posters in your room of the 15-year-old, there are a few things you should know. For example, what is he looking for in a girlfriend? Where is his perfect date? What things does he geek out on? All of these details will clue you in on whether or not you two are compatible, and let’s be real — we know you’re dying to know. So, without further ado, here are five ways into Brandon Rossel’s heart. You can thank us later!


Looking to catch Brandon Rossel’s eye? It’s easy! “I like someone who isn’t afraid to come up to me and introduce themselves, “the Fast Layne actor tells J-14. “Self-confidence is important to me and I like girls who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there.”


“I definitely like someone who has a sense of humor,” Brandon says. “I look for someone I can play around with and have fun with!”


One deal-breaker for Brandon is a girl who tries to be someone she’s not in order to to impress him. “I want a potential girlfriend who isn’t afraid to be herself and doesn’t try to be perfect,” he explains. “I’m quirky and I would want my girlfriend to be the same way!”


Brandon would love to take a potential GF on a date to the beach. “I like the idea of driving to the beach and listening to music,” he says. “Then spending the whole day walking and talking on the beach and finishing off with a beach-side restaurant for dinner.”


“I’m a big superhero geek!” Brandon shares. “If I could find someone willing to go watch superhero movies with me, that would be the ideal girlfriend.”

Check out Brandon on his new show, Fast Layne, premiering February 15 on Disney Channel!

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Reporting credit: Toni Ferrigno

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