John Tucker Must Die, again? A sequel to the iconic 2006 movie starring Brittany Snow and Sophia Bush is reportedly in the works, and the original cast is also on board! Keep reading for all the details. 

Will There Be a ‘John Tucker Must Die’ Sequel?

According to three of the original stars of the movie — Sophia Bush, Arielle Kebbel and Jesse Metcalfe — a script has been written for a sequel.

“I’ve heard rumors of this script — there’s a script,” Jesse told fans in a video posted to TikTok at a Chicago fan expo panel in March 2024. “Apparently, it’s amazing.”

While he admitted to not having read the script, the actor behind John Tucker would “definitely love to be a part of it.”

For her part, Arielle, who played Carrie in the film, shared that she had indeed read the script and confirmed that it “does involve all of the OG cast.”

She added that the character of John Tucker “may or may not get a chance to change,” and that it could be “very exciting.”

“Do I get a chance to wear a thong again?” Jesse joked, referencing the scene from the original movie in which his character manages to make guys wearing thongs seem cool. “We wanted to talk to you about that,” joked Arielle in response.

“We were thinking you’d actually, like, make your own brand, endorse it. It’d be a whole thing.”

Jesse quipped, “I’m here for it. I can’t wait to unleash this dad bod on the big screen.”

Sophia simply added, “Ready. To. Go.”

What Is ‘John Tucker Must Die’ About?

ICYMI, John Tucker Must Die follows three teenage girls — Heather (Ashanti), Beth (Sophia) and Carrie (Arielle) — who discover they are all dating the same guy, John Tucker (Jesse). In order to get him back (Olivia Rodrigo style) they team up with the school’s new girl, Kate (Brittany), in order to embarrass him publicly. On top of that star-studded cast, You actor Penn Badgley plays John’s brother Scott Tucker.

Though Brittany was not in attendance at Epic Cons Chicago with her former castmates (Ashanti also skipped the reunion), she last opened up about her experience filming the romantic comedy and bonding with her costars while speaking to Us Weekly on the movie’s 10th anniversary in 2016.

“The best prank that we played on Jesse, which didn’t go over well at the time, is that we printed out a bunch of shirtless pictures of him that were in magazines and put them all on set,” Snow recalled. “He was so embarrassed and not happy with us, but we thought it was hilarious. But he handled it like a champ. I’m sure he wanted to kill us secretly.”

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