A budding star! Logan Allen is known for his role as Kyle in Sweet Magnolias, but the actor has been in the industry for a few years now. Not to mention, he’s a total movie buff with a great taste in films — his top fictional couple says it all!

“One of my favorites is Noah and Allie from The Notebook,” he told J-14 exclusively in our November 2023 issue. “You can’t separate true love, and that movie dives deep into that. Also, the ending didn’t have to expose me like it did.”

Keep reading to get to know Logan.

Who Is Logan Allen?

The actor was born on July 17, 2004, and made his acting debut in the Talia in the Kitchen TV series in 2015 following a few short film roles. Since then, he’s appeared in Bernie The Dolphin, Stranger Things and Sweet Magnolias.

Other than acting, Logan is a huge football fan — and would love if his signifiant other was into the sport, too.

“The day I go on a date with someone who likes college football/NFL as much as me, there’s no going back!” he gushed to J-14. “Seriously though, you’ll have my heart.”

Logan Allen
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Is Logan Allen Single?

Logan shared various ways to steal his heart, noting that eyes are where he looks first.

“Personally, I’m an eye guy. If you have eyes that jump out at me, I’m hooked,” the star revealed to J-14. “They don’t have to be a crazy color either, they just have to leave a mark.”

When it comes to a first date, he prefers to do an activity — “mini golf or bowling or just get some coffee” are some of his favorites.

“For a first date, I love getting to know the person,” Logan explained. “Dinner has always been weird for me because you’re just scarfing down food half of the time and not talking.”

Speaking of talking, expect Logan to be chatty the whole time, and he wants his date to be too!

“A big dating deal breaker for me is when the other person can’t have a nice conversation,” the Netflix star explained. “If we’re on a date and I’m the one asking questions and choosing topics, it just throws me all off.”

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