Did you know that some of your favorite Hollywood stars have also dipped their toes in directing or producing? And it’s a lot more stars than you think! Scroll to see all of the young talent in Hollywood who have also directed or produced.

You probably already know that Zendaya plays Rue in HBO’s Euphoria, even winning an Emmy for her performance, but did you know the actress is also a producer on the show? Not only that, but she also plans to direct an episode for the upcoming season 3!

“It’s funny. I was actually supposed to direct episode 6, but then I had to act in it,” Zendaya told Vogue Italia in July 2022. “I didn’t have enough time, so unfortunately, I wasn’t able to this time around. I wanted to have enough time to do it the right way.”

Zendaya spoke about her desire to direct with Euphoria costar Colman Domingo for Interview. While working on a project, Zendaya said she spends more time on set trying to learn from the “real vets in the game.” The reason she’s interested in directing is to “do the things that make me happy and bring me joy and fulfill me as an artist, as a person.” From the conversation, Zendaya wants to, specifically, make a “love story about two Black girls.”

A young star who has sat on the director’s and producer’s chair is Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown! That’s right, Millie made her directorial debut for a short film in collaboration with Samsung in April 2022, which she also stars in. The short was also a collaboration with her brother Charlie, who served as the director of photography on the film.

When asked if she hopes to direct future projects by Teen Vogue in April 2022, Millie responded excitedly. “Of course I would like to continue to direct! It’s an absolute dream of a job,” she gushed. “I would love to create stories that empower young people, stories about representation and stories about young people in real situations. When you’re sat there watching stories come to life on screen, you feel like you’re part of it.”

She continued, “If we spread positive messages and real messages of what people go through, it’s going to bring us together as one. Those are the types of things that I would like to be a part of because I think things that are empowering like that could really change the movie industry.”

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