There’s no doubt about it, Adam Devine has some of the most famous friends in Hollywood! The 36-year-old recently revealed what fans can expect to find in his phone and when it came to sharing the last text he sent, it turned out the Pitch Perfect star had responded to none other than Liam Hemsworth.

“My boy Liam Hemsworth invited me to a party and I can’t make it,” the actor told OK! Magazine when playing a game of “Phone Probe.”

That’s not all! He also told viewers that the most famous contact he has in his phone is his Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates costar, Zac Efron. How often do Adam and Zac text? Well according to the comedian, the High School Musical star is currently ghosting him.

“I’m trying to get him to do this TV show that I’m producing and I think he’s dodging me,” Adam explained after saying that the actor has failed to respond to his “hey text me back” message.

The Green Eggs and Ham actor even showcased his relationship with actress Chloe Bridges when talking about his phone background, which is a red carpet photo of the pair from 2015.

“I like this photo of us because we look insane,” he gushed. “I didn’t know how to dress myself…meanwhile Chloe looks insane, which I always love when she looks kooky.”

Before signing off, Adam explained his crazy cell phone case to fans. The actor seems to protect his iPhone with a tattered, leather case and wallet hybrid that’s totally falling apart.

“I’m a 58-year-old divorced dad, whose really had a tough go of it,” he joked while showing it off to the camera. “I don’t know, I like having all my stuff. If I lose something, lose my whole life. That’s what I want. I live life on the edge.”

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