Staying in the spotlight! Aidan Gallagher got his Hollywood start as Nicky in Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, and he’s come a long way since then! Keep reading for details on the actor’s upcoming projects. 

What Is Aidan Gallagher Doing Now?

Following his Nickelodeon days, Aidan nabbed a role in the fan-favorite Netflix series The Umbrella Academy where he plays the role of Number Five. “Five is this murderous psychopath who’s also a caring and time-traveling hyper-intelligent being,” the actor told Seventeen about his character during an August 2022 interview.

Aside from his acting roles, Aidan is also a musician. In fact, he told Seventeen that he plays “four different instruments.” He also loves to give back. “I’m a [United Nations] ambassador,” Aidan revealed to the magazine. “Not everyone knows.”

Will Aidan Gallagher Ever Release an Album?

Over the years, Aidan has focused on his music during his off time from various acting projects. However, the star has only released a few singles, including “I Love You” and “4th of July” in 2020.

“I’ve definitely got the songs but it’s a balance of finding the time to put into recording them. I have a large catalog that I’m really proud of that will be coming out one at a time as I can get to it,” Aidan told Ones to Watch during a December 2020 interview. “With (COVID-19) it’s really slowed down my ability to record because I have to engineer everything myself. With “4th of July” I had 3 different engineers on rotation come to my house to work so it kept me working on a strong schedule and we knocked it out fast. When (COVID-19) put everyone in quarantine I lost that team and schedule. We’ll get it back though.”

What’s Next for Aidan Gallagher?

The budding star is looking forward to continuing his career.

“I just love music and acting. Any part I can play in those fields brings me happiness and I’d love to experiment with the different aspects of those art forms,” he shared during the same Ones to Watch interview. “Initially, I got into acting because I wanted to be a director. I also loved listening to music, but I had no idea I would be a musician until I started taking piano lessons.”

Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of Aidan’s upcoming projects. 

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