He’s all grown up! The Umbrella Academy star Aidan Gallagher got his start on Nickelodeon, but he’s since become one of Netflix’s most sought after actors.

Aside from nabbing his most popular role as Number Five on the Netflix series, Adian has also found success as a musician.

“I just love music and acting. Any part I can play in those fields brings me happiness and I’d love to experiment with the different aspects of those art forms,” the actor explained to Ones to Watch in December 2020. “Initially, I got into acting because I wanted to be a director. I also loved listening to music, but I had no idea I would be a musician until I started taking piano lessons.”

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Aidan dropped two songs, “I Love You” and “4th of July.” In terms of more music, he told the website that things are “in a state of flux.”

“I’ve definitely got the songs but it’s a balance of finding the time to put into recording them,” he shared.” I have a large catalog that I’m really proud of that will be coming out one at a time as I can get to it. With [COVID-19], it’s really slowed down my ability to record because I have to engineer everything myself.”

Other than his music, Aidan reprised his Umbrella Academy role for the third season, which was released in June 2022.

“I had been a fan of the graphic novels, previous to the audition for the show, so I was a fan, going in,” the star told Collider in February 2019 of his role. “For me, I would be interested in the project, regardless of knowing it prior to the show, as it’s a very unique character and world that Gerard [Way] and Gabriel [Bá] have created. That was a big selling point for the cast.”

Because of his interest in the comics, Aidan was “instantly hooked” when it came time for the show. He added, “You can imagine how excited I was, when I realized I would get to audition.”

Not only did he get the audition, but a main role in the show! Click through our gallery to see Aidan’s transformation over the years. 

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