Alabama Barker is calling her haters “delusional” after being accused of getting plastic surgery.

The daughter of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler posted several bikini photos on April 13, and was met with multiple comments criticizing the 18-year-old. “Plastic surgery on everything sad,” one person commented, while others criticized her dark tan.

Two days after the hateful comments started, Alabama took matters into her own hands and responded directly to her critics. “Hey let’s stop being delusional,” she commented, alongside a clapping emoji.

Does Alabama Barker Have Plastic Surgery?

This isn’t the first time the Meet the Bakers alum has addressed plastic surgery accusations. After posting several other bikini photos in February 2024, fans quickly noted that she looked different and wondered once again if she had gotten work done.

One commenter wrote that she hopes the young influencer doesn’t “overdo” it with plastic surgery, which led Alabama to respond, “I really appreciate the love! I’m natural, besides my lips, accept the fact I’m naturally beautiful.”

alabama barker
Instagram/Alabama Barker

Back in December 2023, Alabama admitted that she is tempted to “bite back at everyone who barks” at her online.

“Then I look at those people, like really look at them,” she wrote via Instagram. “What kind of life they’re living. The choice they’re making. The things they do. Compared to who I am, what I do & how I live. And that, itself keeps me humble.”

Alabama’s Mother Weighs In on Plastic Surgery Rumors

Her mother, Shanna, weighed in on the rumors during an interview with Life & Style in March 2024.

After noting that everyone “loves to think” Alabama has altered her appearance with surgery, Shanna revealed that she taught her daughter “to be age appropriate.”

“There’s nothing wrong with maintaining, but we don’t go and do ridiculous procedures for no reason to follow trends like BBLs and things like that,” Shanna added. “That’s one thing I do share with her and we talk about a lot.”

ICYMI, Alabama’s introduction to fame started following her birth. She starred on a reality TV show called Meet the Barkers, which premiered in April 2005, and ran for two seasons. Alabama was born in December of that year. Since then, she’s had a brief stint in the music space, releasing a few songs over the years. However, Alabama has seriously blown up on TikTok.

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