Music just got a little bit better thanks to Aly and AJ Michalka! After the former Disney Channel duo announced that they’d be returning to music under the moniker Aly & AJ in 2021, the sisters have since released two albums. Keep reading to learn more about what Aly and AJ have been up to.

“We keep saying that it feels like it’s the first record in a way. Isn’t our … technically it’s third album, but I guess you could also say fifth because there’s been two that have been unreleased,” Aly said during an appearance on Apple Music’s The Chart Show with Brooke Reese following their first album’s release in 2021. “I mean, it’s really wild, but it feels really good. It feels like this has been a long journey for us and it’s just a long time coming.”

AJ added, “It feels right. I have to say, like in a way I feel like it’s the first time, it feels really fresh. But I agree, for Aly and I, it’s not our first rodeo, which is great, because we kind of know what to expect. We’ve done this before. We’re gearing up for a tour. We know how to put out a record, promote a record properly. And so we know what we’re doing. We feel confident in that, but it’s kind of like our baby’s just going out into the real world for the first time. It’s crazy.”

The sibling pair first stepped onto the music scene after Aly appeared in the Disney Channel series Phil of the Future. They went on to star alongside each other in the DCOM Cow Belles and released three albums under the name Aly & AJ before briefly rebranding to 78Violet. Now, the girls are back together again, and it feels like they never stepped out of the music scene!

“I’m just proud of Aly and I, for making a record that for me feels like the most authentic version of ourselves. That’s really hard to capture in an album,” the Schooled actress added on the Apple Music show. “You tend to overthink things you want to write for radio, or you want to write for playlisting or whatever it might be. And all of that went away. It was like, write record that we were meant to make and that’s all you can do. And I truly feel like this is the album we are born to make. And it kind of does feel like the first time, even though it’s been many times.”

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