Alyson Stoner has graced our eyes and ears with both music and movies, and we are eternally grateful! Lucky for us, Alyson recently opened up to J-14 about her very own favorite music and movies! Since Alyson is a total triple threat, we couldn’t wait to pick her brain about all things entertainment!

We just had to ask Alyson if she has any actresses and singers that she looks up to and would love to work with. Turns out, she has two particular girls in mind!

“I love Tori Kelly– her lyrics, her voice, her personality. And I love seeing Brie Larson coming to the forefront,” she told us.

Just imagine how awesome it would be if Alyson worked with those ladies! We’re keeping our fingers crossed! Despite the fact that Cheaper by the Dozen and Camp Rock are some of our favorite movies, Alyson isn’t much of a movie junkie at all!

“Fun fact: I don't watch movies. The only thing I've seen recently is The Big Short, which was super informative and heady and…. let's be honest, overwhelming.”

Were you surprised to learn that Alyson doesn’t watch movies? Let us know in the comments below!

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