Are you a fan of Amanda Bynes and have some money to spend? Well, the former Disney star has just joined Cameo, a celebrity video sharing app — but at an unexpected price.

Keep reading to find out why fans think Amanda’s underselling herself. 

Did Amanda Bynes Join Cameo?

“Im going to start making videos on Cameo,” the Hairspray star announced on her TikTok account on February 20, 2024. “So if you want a personalized video from me, I would love for you to look me up on cameo. I’m really excited to start making videos.”

ICYMI, Cameo is a website and mobile app that lets you request personalized videos from some of your favorite celebrities. You can find a plethora of stars like Carole Baskin from Tiger King to rapper Snoop Dog.

Along with joining the video sharing app, Amanda also revealed some of her other upcoming career endeavors — such as nail tech. Revealing that she received a certification to do nails several months ago, the former Nickelodeon stars hasn’t had the chance to apply for a license.

Since her certification has expired, she’s retaken the written exam three times and hasn’t passed yet. However, that hasn’t deterred her from her dream. Amanda shared that she will continue to keep testing until she passes.

How Much Is Amanda Bynes Charging for Cameo Videos? Fan Reaction

Amanda is currently charging $100 for a short video greeting to fans. She also has a $20 option where you can private message her, but there isn’t a guarantee she’ll respond.

The podcast host has already done 19 videos, ranging from ten seconds to three and a half minutes. In one of her clips, Amanda has even revealed which acting gig was her favorite to film.

She explained, “I would probably say What I Like About You. That TV show was super fun. I loved working with Jennie Garth and Leslie Grossman, Wesley Jonathan and Simon Rex. It was such a great experience.”

While fans are excited that she’s joined the app, they feel as if she’s selling herself short. One TikTok user wrote under her announcement, “Amanda bynes is on cameo for $100 I really feel like she needs to up that price she’s worth so much more!!!” While another shared, “That’s cheap for a cameo, One of my favorite actresses is $400!”

ICDYK, Amanda has quite the impressive acting portfolio. In the early 2000s, Amanda starred in popular movies such as Easy A, She’s the ManWhat a Girl Wants and so much more. So, it’s no wonder why fans are shocked by her low price.

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