We were all pretty heartbroken when Disney Channel announced that the third season of Andi Mack would be the show’s last. Yep, one of our all-time favorite series is coming to an end, and the final episode will air on Friday, July 26 at 8 P.M. EST/PST. Well guys, in honor of the upcoming finale, Disney has just shared some epic behind-the-scenes clips from the show — including Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Sofia Wylie and Joshua Rush‘s audition tapes!

OMG. The video shows Peyton’s first interview with the directors, and we’re seriously still not over how adorable she was. And when they asked the actress how she relates to her character, her answer was everything.

“I’m not your average 11-year-old,” the now 15-year-old explained in the throwback clip. “We both have a really sensitive side, and we’re not always big and outgoing.”

Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie Auditions Andi Mack

The video also showed Sofia and Josh while they were trying out for their parts, and it was seriously too cute for words.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie Auditions Andi Mack

PRECIOUS. The stars also took a moment to reflect on the show’s success.

“I knew the show was something special from the beginning,” Sofia, 15, shared. “So when the fans had such a great reaction, I knew that that was gonna happen and I was very excited.”

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“My favorite part is the fans. There are no fans like Andi Mack fans,” Joshua, 17, agreed. “We all knew people would like Andi Mack. But we didn’t know people would get so crazy about it.”

Previously, Asher Angel opened up about the finale exclusively to J-14. Although he couldn’t reveal too much, he did warn fans that it’s going to get pretty emotional.

“Get your tissues ready,” the 16-year-old actor shared.

Lilan Bowden also exclusively spilled some tea to J-14 about the show’s ending.

“I think the series wraps up in a very touching way, and I’m excited for our fans to follow our journey to the end,” the 33-year-old told us. “The way the storyline wraps up in the script felt like it reflected our own feelings of getting to know each other, becoming close like a family, and getting ready to move on to new adventures.”

Ugh, we are seriously not ready for this.

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