A lot went down on the hour-long episode of Andi Mack last Friday – and we're still recovering, tbh. From Andi's drama with Jonah Beck to Buffy's fear that her mom will get deployed, there were a ton of meaningful storylines that had huge turning points in this special episode. The biggest event though? Cyrus' Bar Mitzvah – or should we say, "Cyrus Bash-Mitzvah," which just so happens to be the name of the episode. Watch the video above to see our exclusive interview with Joshua Rush.

Turns out, Joshua Rush himself had a Bar Mitzvah just like Cyrus did. J-14 caught up with the actor to chat all things Andi Mack, and he shared how his Bar Mitzvah compared to Cyrus'. Turns out, they were pretty different. For one, Joshua's ceremony actually took place in Israel – but the ceremony on the show was quite realistic.

Joshua exclusively told us, "I actually read a snippet of that same torah portion that I actually read at my real Bar Mitzvah. We bust the wine and the bread in the same way. And there's two special characters in the audience at that Bar Mitzvah that you might not have recognized, but they're pretty famous in my life – my mom and my aunt were in the audience. And my mom plays my stepmother Sharon in the episode, which is so cool."

The cast actually just found out that the series is getting a third season. And honestly, we don't know who is more excited – us or them. While Joshua couldn't spill any spoilers (after all, he did just find out about Season 3), we imagine there's a lot in store for his character based on the fact that so much has went down in Season 2 with Cyrus. Only time will tell!

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