We don’t talk about Anne With An E nearly enough! The historical series based off of the 1908 Anne of Green Gables book series by Lucy Maud Montgomery, ran for three seasons on Netflix, ending in 2020. Keep reading to see what the Anne With An E cast is up to now. 

What Is ‘Anne With An E’ About?

ICYMI, the Canadian show takes place in the late 1800s on Prince Edward Island, Canada, following an orphan girl named Anne (played by Amybeth McNulty), who is adopted by elderly siblings, the Cothbert’s. An imaginative and passionate girl, Anne immediately disrupts the small town of Avonlea for her unconventional appearance, profound knowledge and sometimes outrageous storytelling.

While attending school at Avonlea, she eventually makes a best friend in Diana Barry (Dalila Bela) and meets local boy Gilbert Blythe (Lucas Jade Zumann), who eventually becomes her love interest. The Netflix series first premiered in 2017, until ending with its third season in 2020.

“We definitely bring forward feminist issues, prejudice, bullying, sexuality, many other subjects,” Amybeth told The Televixen of the show in 2017. “You could even bring in the refugee subject because Anne is an outsider who is brought to this new land and she doesn’t know what to do. I like how we’re very honest about it.”

anne with an e

Why Did ‘Anne With An E’ End?

Even though Anne With An E was a pretty well-received and positively reviewed show with a large fanbase, Netflix decided to axe the show in December 2019. This immediately caused outrage from fans, kickstarting a revival campaign online, which surpassed 1.5 million signatures. Even celebrities like Ryan Reynolds pleaded with Netflix to keep the show going!

He wrote on Twitter at the time, “You guys might want to renew Anne with an E. Unless ‘final season’ is just a fun way of saying ‘halfway point.'”

The show’s producer Moria Walley-Beckett spoke about how they tried to fight for more episodes in an Instagram post from December 2019.

“Please know that we fought. We tried to change their minds. We tried to find a new home. We tried for a finale movie … We tried our best,” she wrote. “Art and Commerce is never an easy marriage. I often find it inexplicable. This is one of those times. But it’s impossible to argue with words like Economics, Algorithms, Demographics, etc., etc. But those words and others like them are the reason why the Networks don’t want to continue.”

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