Did you forget that Kiernan Shipka and Christian Coppola have been supposedly dating since 2019? Well, we did too, and that might be because they might have broken up! The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star first started sharing romantic photos of Christian and herself on Instagram back in July 2019. Keep scrolling to find out if Kiernan and Christian are still together.

Who Is Christian Coppola?

Christian, who is a photographer and director, is a “distant relative” of the famous Hollywood Coppola family, per GQ. “It’s not direct enough to be super substantial for me,” he told the outlet, explaining that his father is Italian, and his best guess is that the family comes from the same small town in Sicily that the Hollywood Coppolas hail from. “I’ve obviously been in the same room as plenty of them,” he revealed.

The director made his first short film in 2019 after graduating from NYU’s film program called Daddy, starring Disney star Dylan Sprouse. He’s set to write, star and direct in a trio of short films called The Danish Trilogy.

Are Kiernan Shipka and Christian Coppola Dating?

Kiernan, 22, and Christian, 29, first sparked dating rumors when they attended the Fendi show in Rome together in July 2019, and the CAOS actress later posted a picture from the event on Instagram, which she captioned, “MY LOVE.” Additionally, they wore matching Halloween costumes that October.

The two also have a habit of writing romantic captions on Instagram posts of each other such as “twin flame,” “lets go baby” and out favorite, Kiernan’s simple “I love you.” We feel as if it’s safe to say that the pair are or have been romantically involved.

Are Kiernan Shipka and Christian Coppola Still Together?

Following dating rumors in November 2022 between Kiernan and musician John Mayer, 45, many fans were left confused with where her relationship with Christian stands.

While Christian and Kiernan’s Instagram posts of each other might have slowed down (if you count Kiernan’s post from July 2022 slowing down), she has posted multiple photos of herself throughout the month of October that Christian has taken of her. Kiernan, Christian and John have yet to confirm or deny dating rumors.

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