Ever since his first appearance as Nick Scratch on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, fans have been obsessed with Gavin Leatherwood. But is the actor single?

The actor confirmed his relationship with Jessica Belkin on National Girlfriend Day in August 2023.

“My fav lil bean told me it’s national gf day today … she also said it’s a made up holiday,” Gavin shared via Instagram at the time. “Nevertheless, it’s a good excuse to show her in all her glory.

Keep reading for what we know about his dating life.

Is Gavin Leatherwood Single?

Yes, the actor is off the market!

Before going public with Jessica, however, Gavin liked to keep his relationship out of the public eye.

In May 2020, the former Netflix star hinted at his past single status during his sister Chloe Leatherwood‘s YouTube videos. While answering questions with her siblings — Gavin and Sophia Baltzer — Chloe asked what their “bucket list item” was at the moment. When Sophia said “getting asked on a date,” Gavin gave her a high five and replied, “I’m right there with you.”

Who Is Gavin Leatherwood’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Throughout his time in the spotlight, the actor has kept his personal life pretty under wraps. There have been rumors that he’s been linked to a few stars, including Brittney Rippeon. In October 2019, Gavin was rumored to be in a relationship with the actress. Neither Gavin nor Brittney publicly confirmed their relationship, but she did share a few pictures cuddled up to the actor at the time. According to Seventeen, Brittney also accompanied Gavin and his family on a trip to Ireland at some point in 2019. It’s unclear what really went down between them.

A Complete Guide To 'CAOS' Star Gavin Leatherwood's Love Life
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Did Gavin Leatherwood Ever Date Kiernan Shipka?

Gavin has talked about a ton of onscreen romances over the years! While chatting with CinemaBlend in January 2021, Gavin gushed over his relationship with CAOS costar Kiernan Shipka. But they never dated in real life!

“He’s so driven by love. Nick was like a lamp that was never turned on until Sabrina came into his life. And since she brought that light, he sort of saw the world in a whole new way,” the actor explained. “And before where lust was more of his driving factor and his lust for knowledge and for being the best and for power, and strength was all at the forefront until Sabrina sort of flipped that world on its head. And as he went through it all, he discovered the power of love and what that can [be] and how much more powerful love is than anything else.”

What Has Gavin Leatherwood Said About His Dating Life?

When it comes to romance, Gavin has kept pretty quiet in interviews. Usually, the actor sticks to chatting about his CAOS character’s romantic interests. For example, during a March 2020 interview with TV Guide, Gavin got real about Sabrina’s relationship status, and explained why Nick was better in the end for her.

“I think Harvey is safe. I think he’s a safe choice. He doesn’t come from the witch world. He’s got him and his dad and their cute house and they probably make vats of chili each night and enjoy it together and sit down and have dinner,” he explained, throwing some playful shade at costar Ross Lynch‘s character in the show. “And that’s all well and good, but Nick’s understanding of the witch world is just so important and integral to Sabrina’s evolution.”

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