He’s a hottie! Gavin Leatherwood became one of the internet’s boyfriends following his roles in as Nick Scratch on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and as Nico in the HBO Max series Sex Lives of College Girls. Now, his acting and music careers are kicking off.

“I love to create, always have. And lately I’ve been fortunate to be able to create for a living. Music has always been one of those creations and I’m excited to be able to share it with everyone,” Gavin told Wonderland magazine in October 2021, noting that both his acting and music careers “satisfy different parts of the same desire to create.”

The former Netflix star added: “And I’ve noticed one kind of fuels the other and vice versa.”

Before playing Sabrina Spellman’s boyfriend in four seasons of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the actor had a few smaller roles under his belt. But everything changed after he became a lead on a Netflix series.

“The experience has been life-changing. It felt kind of like this surreal dream,” he told Vulkan magazine in June 2020 of playing Nick. “It’s like in a relationship. When the honeymoon phase sort of ends and you get to work, you still love the thing and you give it your everything and you’re committed to it but it’s also hard work and I didn’t realize that until doing it.”

Once he said goodbye to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in December 2020, Gavin pivoted his career to focus on music.

“My joy really comes from creating and to release the things, to share the things,” he told HollywoodLife in April 2021. “It’s almost like you’re casting a little baby out into the [world] —  a fun, upbeat little baby.”

Gavin’s debut single, “Just for Tonight,” helped him realize that “that songs can also just really be fun.”

“For a long time, I thought that music was supposed to solve all the problems of the universe in four minutes or so,” the musician also told HollywoodLife. “I have been sitting on music and felt like it was sort of gotten to a point where I began to fester. And releasing it, it’s something that feels good, to sort of rid yourself of the anxiety of holding onto something that would otherwise go unsaid.”

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