Get ready to see Dylan Sprouse back on TV because the former Disney Channel star just nabbed his first TV role in nearly 10 years! The actor is set to star in the upcoming HBO Max comedy series Sex Lives of College Girls.

After the Suite Life of Zack and Cody came to an end in 2011, the actor and his brother Cole Sprouse took a brief break from the spotlight. As fans know, Cole has since returned to TV with a starring role on Riverdale, but Dylan has stayed under the radar with some movie roles here and there — until now. “Been a while since I’ve done a series … roughly 10 years. But it’s because I was hoping for a good one, and this seems like a great one,” the actor wrote on Instagram in December 2020, announcing the exciting news to followers. “Happy to be on board alongside a great cast and crew. Thankful today.”

Naturally, Cole wasted no time when it came to roasting his brother’s new role. Following his Instagram announcement, Dylan’s sibling commented, “What are they gunna do when they find out you’re not funny?” Although there was no witty comment back from Dylan himself, the show’s cowriter Mindy Kaling (who’s responsible for the Netflix show Never Have I Ever) hit back with “oh no.”

This epic announcement came after Dylan shut down any hope for a possible Suite Life of Zack and Cody reboot in the near future. “Confidently, no,” he told iHollywood TV in October 2020 when asked about reprising his iconic Disney Channel role. “I don’t think that we will [bring the show back] … There’s a lot of different reasons, but primarily because that was a chapter of both of our separate lives or together life that was just a role at the time. A lot of times you see these reboots happening and it’s kind of fan-service. I also just think that usually, they’re not as good and part of the nostalgia is gone.”

The actor added, “I think the show remains special in a lot of people’s hearts and that’s how we’re going to leave it.”

Sorry, guys, but the actor is only looking forward to his future! So, when can Sprouse Twins fans expect to see Dylan’s new show? Scroll through our gallery for all the details we know so far. 

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