Ever since Chilling Adventures of Sabrina first hit Netflix, the big question on viewers’ minds has been — who will Sabrina Spellman choose: Harvey Kinkle or Nicholas Scratch? As fans know, the teenage witch has dated both boys, but as the show heads into its upcoming fourth season, Sabrina is finally single, which no doubt means there’s going to be a lot of drama in store.

During a recent interview with TV Guide, the series’ star Gavin Leatherwood got real about Sabrina’s current relationship status and explained why his character, Nick, is obviously better for her than Harvey.

“I think Harvey is safe. I think he’s a safe choice. He doesn’t come from the witch world. He’s got him and his dad and their cute house and they probably make vats of chili each night and enjoy it together and sit down and have dinner,” he explained, throwing some playful shade at Ross Lynch‘s character in the show. “And that’s all well and good, but Nick’s understanding of the witch world is just so important and integral to Sabrina’s evolution.”

He dished on #Nabrina and explained that these two were “a bit more unpredictable and wild” compared to #Harvina.

“And there’s a sort of explosive energy between them at times, which like [in] every great relationship there is,” he said before adding that they are more likely to fight for each other.

But what about the sparks between Nick and Prudence? Not to worry, CAOS fans, because Gavin addressed that possible relationship too.

“They have a history, they have a friendship, and I think right now what they’re both looking for is some of that connection. They really just both are having tension with their significant others … in regards to communication, especially,” he dished. “She’s not getting through to her partner and Nick’s not getting through to his and right now they’re finding a way to reconcile that whole situation by communicating together. And the fact that there is some chemistry between the two of them, yeah, we’ll see where that goes in Part 4.”

Looks like there’s about to be some trouble in paradise for these teens when the upcoming season finally premieres!

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