It’s official, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina cast is totally down for a Riverdale crossover! Jaz Sinclair and Lachlan Watson — who play Rosalind Walker and Theo Putnam in the Netflix series — recently revealed which Riverdale residents they’d love to invite into Greendale, and their answers might surprise you.

During a recent interview with People Now the actors said that as much as they’d love it, they don’t know if the two casts will ever cross paths. But if they were to come together for a crossover, Jaz and Lachlan would especially want to film some scenes with Cole Sprouse, Mark Consuelos and Lili Reinhart — otherwise known as Jughead Jones, Hiram Lodge and Betty Cooper in the CW series.

“I feel like Lili is such a great actress. I feel like she’s got such vibrance in her scenes. I like her, so I would like to do a scene with her,” Jaz gushed. Lachlan agreed, adding, “Every time I meet her I’m like, ‘you just know what’s good.'”

As fans know, a crossover between the two shows has never been confirmed, but on on February 23, 2020, CAOS star Kiernan Shipka dropped a major clue that the two shows may intertwine during Riverdale Season 5. She shared a snap alongside KJ Apa and Casey Cott on Instagram, sending the internet into a frenzy.

“Riverdale is a big, scary place…,” she captioned it.

Since both shows take place in the same universe and were created by the same people, it’s only natural that fans have been hoping and praying that they’d come together, eventually. Although, there’s never been an announced crossover, there have been some Riverdale Easter eggs in the third season of CAOS. The most prominent one came during episode three when Sabrina Spellmen actually visited the town of Riverdale. She didn’t run into anyone on her trip, but she did stop by the Blossom Maple Farms!

That’s not all! One of the main characters from CAOS even made a brief appearance during a recent episode of Riverdale. Yep, Billy Marlin — played by Ty Wood — from the Baxter High Ravens football team was interrogated by Betty Cooper during an investigation she was conducting about the sports team. While he might be known to CAOS viewers as the jock who was mean to Sabrina and the weird sisters, he actually proved to be quite helpful to Betty during their chat at Pop’s Diner.

After all this crossover talk, it’s finally time to give fans what they’ve been asking for!

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