Warning: Spoilers ahead. With each new episode of Riverdale, it becomes increasingly clear to viewers that the series’ most beloved beanie-wearing character might not be making it out of season four alive. Fans were in for a total shock when it seemed like Jughead Jones had died in the final episode of the show’s third season. Since then, each installment has included more and more clues that point to the character’s untimely demise.

On Wednesday, December 11, the show aired its final episode for 2019, which featured a scene where Archie, Veronica, and Betty are in a police lineup. Two kids in Stonewall Prep uniforms point to the three main characters and said, “Those are the kids we saw kill Jughead.” This further proved, that there’s almost no way he’s still alive.

Naturally there’s a lot of questions surrounding the Jughead’s potential death. Like, does Cole Sprouse want to stay on the show? What does the rest of the cast think? Are there any fan theories? Well, don’t worry, because J-14 has done some extensive research and broke down all the most important facts about Jughead’s possible death. Scroll through our gallery to find out all the details.

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