Warning: Spoilers ahead. Since the end of last season, Riverdale has been teasing the death of its most beloved beanie-wearing character. After tuning into the show’s annual Halloween episode, on October 30, it was clear that Jughead Jones won’t be making it out of season four alive.

As fans know, this season brought Jughead into a new school, Stonewall Prep, where he made more enemies than friends. During the Halloween episode, his feud with school bully, Bret Weston Wallace, came to a head when Cole Sprouse‘s character got locked in a coffin for the whole night after learning about the Stonewall Four. His body was later shown on a coroner’s table, which proved the character might, in fact, not live until the end.

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Die-hard fans of the series have done some major digging when it comes to the question of Jughead’s mortality. After the show aired on Thursday, November 7, they have one major theory about the truth. The episode, titled “Witness for the Prosecution,” followed the teen as he took on his Stonewall Prep schoolmates in a writing competition that made competitors plan the perfect murder. The winner of which would become the next ghostwriter of the Baxter Brothers mystery books.

The show made a quick cut back to Riverdale High where Sheriff Jones arrested Betty, Veronica and Archie for Jughead’s murder. This seems to have happened after the scene in last season’s finale when the three were shown covered in blood and burning a beanie. Why would Jughead’s three best friends murder him? Well, that’s where the theory comes in. Fans think the entire “murder” is a set up and Jughead planned the perfect murder by faking his own death to win the competition. OMG, that’s wild!

Viewers have also come up with an alternate theory surrounding the Jones family, the Wallace family, the Stonewall Four, and the connection between the three.

Who are the Stonewall Four and why do they matter? Well, years ago four students went missing from the school without a trace and were never seen again. Mysteriously, Jughead’s grandfather attended the school and dropped out around the same time these students went missing. According to Express, if Jughead keeps digging and finds out his enemy Bret’s relatives were involved in the mysterious disappearance years ago, there’s no doubt he would fake his death in order to stay alive and ensure his safety.

During a recent interview with Green MattersLili Reinhart opened up about the death of her character’s on-screen love interest.

“Well, he died in this last episode of this current season, so it’s a very recent loss, but I think we kind of say, no one’s ever actually dead on Riverdale,” she teased. “Even when you’re buried in the ground, you can still come back. So, there’s always a chance that he will come back.”

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