Warning: Spoilers ahead. Can everyone please take a moment to imagine how iconic it would be if Dylan Sprouse joined the cast of Riverdale? Well, there’s a new fan theory making it’s way around the web at the moment that suggests that may be the case! Wow, that would seriously be a dream come true.

As fans know, the actor’s twin brother, Cole Sprouse, plays Jughead Jones in the CW series. But fans were in for a shock when it seemed like his character had died in an episode of the third season. What appeared to be his body was even shown on a coroner’s table, but some viewers aren’t too convinced that it was really the end of Jughead.

Some fans have suggested that Jughead may actually have an evil twin brother that no one knew about, and that’s whose body was shown on the coroner’s table. If that ends up being true, it would totally make sense that Dylan would step in and portray Jughead’s twin. Yeah, the former Disney star would be perfect for the role!

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Other fans have suggest that Jughead may have faked his own death to win a writing competition. Why? Well, in an episode that aired on November 7, 2019, Jughead and his Stonewall Prep classmates had to plan the perfect murder for the competition, so it’s possible that his death was all a ploy to win the contest!

During a recent interview with Green MattersLili Reinhart, who plays Betty Cooper in the show, opened up about the death of her character’s on-screen love interest.

“No one’s ever actually dead on Riverdale,” she teased. “Even when you’re buried in the ground, you can still come back. So, there’s always a chance that he will come back.”

If Dylan does make an appearance in the show, it will be the first thing that the brothers have acted in together since Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Suite Life on Deck.

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