Warning: Spoilers ahead. Everyone was heartbroken when Luke Perry sadly passed away on March 4, 2019, after suffering from a major stroke.  Since then, fans of his hit show, Riverdale have wondered how the series will address his tragic death. What will happen to his character, Fred Andrews? And will the show continue without him or will they cancel it?

Near the end of Season 3, Archie Andrew’s mom showed up and announced that she’ll be staying with Archie while Fred is “out of town.” And although the vague explanation covered Fred’s absence for the rest of the season, fans have been wondering how they’re going to handle his permanent departure.

On Wednesday, October 9, the CW series returned for its fourth season, and they finally addressed his devastating passing. From how Fred died to Archie’s reaction to his funeral, here’s exactly what went down in the heartbreaking episode.

Grab some tissues and scroll through our gallery to find out how Riverdale addressed Luke’s tragic death.

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