It looks like love is in the air for Lauv and Julia Michaels! The singer/songwriters are known for creating songs that tug at your heartstrings and together, they even gave us all the romantic duet that is “There’s No Way.” Sparks totally flew for them IRL, and they’ve subtly just confirmed that yes, they’re oh so happy together. Cue the squeals.

So here’s how the world came to this discovery: the 24-year-old “I Like Me Better” singer took to Twitter to make a rather bold statement, sharing that he not only has a girlfriend, but that she’s “the best.”

Precious, right? Naturally, fans started to wonder to this mystery girl is that has totally stolen his heart. And that’s when Julia took to Twitter to share a super sweet, simple message of her own not too long after Lauv sent out his tweet.

Those heart eyes though. Could this all just be a coincidence? Well, the 24-year-old “Issues” songstress liked a bunch of tweets from fans that were basically freaking out over how cute she and Lauv are together.

Julia Michaels Tweets 1

She’s so happy, thanks to him and honestly, it’s all just too freakin’ cute.

Julia Michaels Fan Tweets 2

So there we go, these two are for sure an item. And if you’ve listened to their song and watched the adorable music video for it, then you can already see how legit their chemistry is. In fact, they’re just so beyond perfect for each other that during their first hangout session, Julia totally made Lauv cry because of the deep, emotional conversations they were having.

“We just got connected and we met, hung out, spent like a few hours together. She literally made me cry,” Lauv said in an interview with MTV with Julia adding, “And then the next day, we got back together, brought some friends with us, and made a song.”

Okay, now the fact that they were able to whip us this tune so quickly further proves that they’re not only just ridiculously talented musicians, but just so in sync with one another. Couple goals right there. We ship it.

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And let’s just hope this is only the beginning when it comes to the duo making music together, too.

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