If you thought for even a second that we’d be leaving all of the celebrity drama in 2018, think again. We’re less than two full days into the new year and Hailee Steinfeld is coming for her ex, Niall Horan, on social media — or at least it certainly seems that way!

If you follow the “Let Me Go” singer on Instagram, you may have already seen her rather cryptic Insta story, which she reposted from Julia Michaels earlier today. In the original post, Julia threw major shade at her ex-boyfriend Lauv by sharing that her New Year’s resolution is to no longer date narcissists. However, it seems that Julia’s story really spoke to Hailee because she was quick to share it herself. See?

Hailee Steinfeld calls Niall Horan a Narcissist

As you can tell, the Pitch Perfect 3 star fully agreed with what Julia had to say, and she even added her own caption to prove it!

She wrote, “God bless you @juliamichaels,” and adding, “Preach it.”

The 22-year-old actress-turned-musician also reposted the rest of Julia’s story, which was full of screen-grabs from an article published by Insider about what narcissists are like in relationships. Uhh… is it just us, or is Hailee totally shading Niall by sharing this?!

Honestly, it wouldn’t be the first time Hailee’s dissed Niall post breakup. On Dec. 31, for example, she posted a photo of the billboard from her upcoming Bumblebee movie, which she captioned, “I bet you think of me when you see this driving down sunset.”

Since Niall was confirmed to be in Los Angeles at that time, many fans assumed that the caption of that photo was aimed directly at him, and TBH, it makes total sense! Unfortunately, we’ll probably never know for sure since the two have remained tight-lipped about their relationship since the very beginning, and even after they split.

Whether the “Most Girls” crooner was throwing shade at Niall or not, there’s no denying that Hailee’s shady Instagram posts are a far cry from the PDA-filled pics we were blessed with when they first started dating. Could things have gone that wrong that fast? Guess we’re going to have to keep checking Hailee’s Instagram stories to find out!

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