Well, Josh Richards just dropped a bomb on the “BFFs” podcast and fans’ minds are blown. The TikTok star explained that Mads Lewis and he “had sex” a “long time ago.” Keep reading for all the tea.

Have Mads Lewis and Josh Richards Hooked Up?

During an April 2023 episode of Josh’s “BFFs” podcastJeffree Star made an appearance where he asked Josh point blank if the two TikTokers “had sex.”

“Yeah, but like, much in the past,” Josh revealed. “There’s so much context behind this, I don’t want to get into the whole thing. It’s such a crazy long story, like this dates back, there’s so much to it.”

He then explained that he and Mads “had our time,” and then transitioned to being “homies for awhile,” until she started dating Kevin Mejia for a year and a half.

“Respectfully I gave them [Mads and Kevin] their space,” Josh explained. “I never hung out with Mads or nothing for that year and a half.”

“It happened a long time ago,” Mads explained while she appeared on the “BFFs” podcast a few weeks later. “It happened a year after that whole f—king Jaden [Hossler] situation and before Kevin, like way before Kevin, so everyone can stop assuming everything.”

Are Mads Lewis and Josh Richards Dating?

While Mads and Josh have yet to confirm if they’re dating right now, the two have definitely stirred up romance rumors since Mads broke up with her most recent ex. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that all of their TikTok fans are rooting for the two to get together. In TikToks posted of the two stars together, comments like, “Please be a couple,” or “Just date already,” flood the comment section underneath the video.

On top of that, after “BFFs” podcast cohost Brianna Chickenfry asked Mads if she was single, the TikTok star gave a cryptic answer.

Mads revealed, “You know Bri, I find myself never being single for longer than a week.”

Explaining Mads Lewis, Josh Richards, Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett Drama

ICYMI, Mads and Jaden dated on and off from 2019 to 2021 — until it was speculated that they split in early 2021 after Mads accused Nessa Barrett [Josh’s ex-girlfriend] of “stealing” Jaden in a viral TikTok that she eventually took down.

Josh, who dated Nessa for over a year, eventually commented on the situation on the “BFFs” podcast. Josh explained the entire situation from the start, noting that he was “sad” and doesn’t know what to believe. He also shared that he and Nessa were currently on “a break” at the time. 

Eventually, Jaden and Nessa confirmed that they were in a relationship in June 2021, which left the entire internet in a frenzy. However, they confirmed that they broke up in April 2022.

“I feel like there’s a lot of characters in that little friend group and I am friends with none of them,” Mads shared on the “BFFs” podcast in March 2022, nearly a year after the drama went down. “Except for Josh.”

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