How could we ever forget the 2021 drama between TikTok stars Nessa Barrett, Mads Lewis, Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler? Our question is, are Nessa and Mads still friends despite it all? Keep reading to see where the former best friends stand now.

What Happened Between Nessa, Mads, Josh and Jaden?

ICYMI, Mads and Jaden dated on-and-off from 2019 to 2021 — however, it was speculated that they split in early 2021 after Mads accused Nessa of “stealing” her ex in a viral TikTok that she eventually took down.

“I don’t need to explain myself to anyone,” she wrote in an Instagram comment after taking the video down. “I agree the video was immature and I could have expressed myself in a different way or even just kept it to myself. But I’m tired of looking like I’m the bad guy cause people unfollow me. I was never jealous of a song nor jealous of her. I know Ness better than anyone, and she knows exactly why I posted this video and that’s all that matters.”

Josh, who dated Nessa for over a year, eventually commented on the situation on the “BFFs” podcast. Josh explained the entire situation from the start, noting that he was “sad” and doesn’t know what to believe. He also shared that he and Nessa were currently on “a break” at the time.

“I’m trying to let a girl who I love so much figure her f–king life out so that I can have her back,” the TikTok star said. “It’s left me speechless … Honestly, I just care about both of them.”

Eventually, Jaden and Nessa confirmed that they were in a relationship in June 2021, which left the entire internet in a frenzy. However, they confirmed that they broke up in April 2022.

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Are Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis Friends?

Despite the drama, Mads said she was still friendly with Nessa during an appearance on the “BFFs” podcast in April 2023.

“I feel like we’re not homies, [but] we’re definitely mutuals,” Mads said of her friendship with Nessa. “She invited me to her concert, and she was like ‘Come come come,’ and I was like, ‘OK, just let me know when,’ and then she never responded. But that’s fine, it’s whatever.”

She also shared some of her thoughts on if Nessa was thinking about getting back together with Jaden.

“Look, like I said, if she wants to date him again, have at it. But do you really want to get back together with him? Or is he love bombing you? Is he just being manipulative?”

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