You might recognize them as Austin and Ally in, well, Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally, but are Ross Lynch and Laura Marano still friends following the show’s end in 2016? Keep reading for details and updates on their friendship.

Are Ross Lynch, Laura Marano Still Friends After ‘Austin & Ally’?

The answer is a hard yes. Most recently, Ross was spotted at Laura’s album launch party in September 2023, where the former costars posed adorably together for multiple Instagram photos. ICYMI, the actress released her debut album I May Be an Actress, But I Can’t Fake How I Feel that same month. We love supportive BFFs!

Did Ross Lynch, Laura Marano Date During ‘Austin & Ally’?

The two got their start on Disney Channel on Austin & Ally, where Laura played a shy songwriter named Ally and Ross played a confident singer named Austin, thus creating a perfect music collaborating match. The show ran from 2012 to 2016 for four seasons.

The actors have confirmed multiple times over the years that there was nothing romantic going on behind-the-scenes while they filmed Austin & Ally.

“Ross and I talked about this, I think it’s a great sign when audiences are shipping because that means they’re into the movie and into what happens,” Laura explained to Elite Daily in March 2019, about fans hoping they would date. “I’m all for audiences feeling so connected to the character that they want us together in real life.”

She added, “I am a rather well-versed expert when it comes to shipping. I dealt with it during every season of Austin & Ally. I definitely know the feeling and know what it’s like.”

For his part, Ross addressed the rumors back in 2014, calling the former costars “super close friends.”

The cast of Austin & Ally, which also include actors such as Calum Worthy, Raini Rodriguez and John Paul Green, have teased a possible reunion movie multiple times.

During a May 2020 interview with E! News‘ In the Room, Laura teased the prospect of a possible reunion.

“We’ve talked about it a bunch. We’ve all been very, kind of, public about it. I would, in a heartbeat, be down to do a movie. For sure,” she said. “I’m like yes, yes, yes, for it! But obviously, one, our schedules are all crazy — not necessarily now — but our schedules are crazy and, two, it’s not really up to us. I think all of us, like, we loved working together. We love hanging out. We truly had a really special bond. So, we’re down.”

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