Laura Marano is delving into the music world with her debut album, I May Be an Actress, But I Can’t Fake How I Feel. The Disney Channel alum, best known for her role in Austin & Ally, announced the news of her album via Instagram in August 2023. Keep reading for details on the release date, track list and so much more.

When Will Laura Marano’s Debut Album Be Released?

I May Be an Actress, But I Can’t Fake How I Feel will be released on September 15, 2023.

While Laura has released a handful of singles and EP mini-albums over the years, her debut album is set to be her first full-length project.

“I remember when I released my first single ever in 2016, I was performing a bunch,” Laura told Flaunt Magazine in 2021 about her music career. “Doing all these one-off shows, I had a really amazing time performing. I had a little bit of a break with music. I released my first independent EP, ME, in 2019, and didn’t really have time to perform. In 2020, obviously everything stopped. Weirdly, I hadn’t performed as much as I did last year, and any other time except for 2016.”

What Did the Cast of ‘Austin & Ally’ Say About Laura Marano’s Album?

ICYMI, Laura got her start on Disney Channel as Ally Dawson on Austin & Ally, where she played a shy songwriter whereas Austin (played by Ross Lynch) played a confident singer, making a perfect music collaborating match. The show ran from 2012 to 2016 for four seasons. While they’ve yet to share their thoughts on Laura’s upcoming album, the stars have been supportive of each other’s careers over the years.

“I think the really cool part about the whole cast and crew of Austin & Ally is we are just so insanely supportive of each other — even not working on the show anymore,” Laura told Elite Daily in March 2019.

One year later, Laura chatted with E! News‘ In the Room about getting the cast back together for a possible movie.

“We’ve talked about it a bunch. We’ve all been very, kind of, public about it. I would, in a heartbeat, be down to do a movie. For sure,” she said. “I’m like yes, yes, yes, for it! But obviously, one, our schedules are all crazy — not necessarily now — but our schedules are crazy and, two, it’s not really up to us. I think all of us, like, we loved working together. We love hanging out. We truly had a really special bond. So, we’re down.”

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