Did anyone else ship Laura Marano and Ross Lynch during Austin & Ally? We know we did. We mean, on the Disney Channel show, their characters were pretty much goals, so it’s only natural that fans would root for the couple IRL. And now, the actress just revealed that being shipped with her Austin & Ally costar back in the day has totally prepared her to be shipped with Noah Centineo!

In case you missed it, Laura and Noah are appearing together in a new Netflix movie called The Perfect Date. It comes out next month, and we’re super excited. As a matter of fact, the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before actor actually played Laura’s crush in a few episodes of Austin & Ally, so they go way back. And the Disney star is definitely ready to be shipped with the actor.

“I am a rather well-versed expert when it comes to shipping. I dealt with it during every season of Austin & Ally. I definitely know the feeling and know what it’s like,” Laura told Elite Daily.

And TBH, the 23-year-old admitted that she’s even felt the urge to ship two costars before!

“Ross and I talked about this, I think it’s a great sign when audiences are shipping because that means they’re into the movie and into what happens,” she continued. “I know I absolutely love rom-coms with such a passion and, as an audience member, I’m still very upset that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling aren’t together. I feel personally offended. So I’m all for audiences feeling so connected to the character that they want us together in real life.”

Laura Ross

We’re so glad you understand, Laura! But although she’s a pro at handling it now, Laura explained that at first, she wasn’t a fan of people shipping her with Ross. It actually made things pretty awkward on set, she explained.

“When you’re 15 or 16, it’s like when you’re in high school, right? Everyone in the high school wants you and your best friend to get together, so you’re just kinda like, ‘Aw this is so awkward, everyone look away,'” the actress said. “I think I have enough experience in it now. I wish I knew a little bit better when was 15 about how to deal with it and laugh it off.”

Awwww. Well, we can’t wait to see The Perfect Date and start shipping her and Noah.

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